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Cirrus Pro Aspirating Fire Detection Systems The typical ubiquitous smoke detectors are ‘passive’ devices, relying on natural stratification to bring the smoke into its smoke detection chamber. However, with the latest advances in fire detection technology, the capability now exists to signifi-cantly decrease the detection times of fire thereby enhancing the ability for earlier and more effective response to the fire threat. As any fireman knows, nipping a fire in the bud can make a vast difference towards the successful elimination of the threat altogether. The Cirrus Pro Series aspirating fire detectors are different from typical smoke detectors in almost all regard. Being an ‘active’ detection system, it draws in air from a given area or fire zone to detect the presence of optically invisible combustion particles. These combustion particles are produced in copi-ous amounts during the incipient stages of a fire, usually way in advance of any visible smoke. Cirrus Pro – ‘Cloud Chamber’ Fire Detector Unlike almost every other commercially available aspirating detection system, the Cirrus Pro Series aspirating fire detectors are not ‘Optical’ detectors requiring small amounts of visible smoke to be pro-duced in order to give an alarm condition. The Cirrus Pro Series aspirating fire detectors instead util-ise Cloud Chamber technology as its primary method of detection. This unique Cloud Chamber tech-nology reveals otherwise optically invisible particles given out during the incipient stages of a fire, and allows Cirrus Pro detectors to be the earliest and one of the most versatile fire detection technologies currently available. With Cloud Chamber technology, Cirrus Pro detectors are resistant to ‘false alarms’ from dust, steam, condensation and changes in humidity and temperature that have plagued other aspirating detection systems.


General Sensitivity Detection applications include: • Roof Voids • Warehouses • Atria • Archive Stores Special Risk applications include: • Electrical Control Cabinets • Rotunda • Power Plants • Coal Conveyors Harsh Environment applications include: • Cold Storage Facilities • Food Production Facilities • Specialist Production Areas • Dirty Production Plants High Sensitivity applications include: • Clean Rooms • Computer Rooms • Data Storage facilities Sensitive applications include: • Heritage Buildings • Cathedrals • Museums • Art Galleries

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